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Dear Conversation Cafe Member, :

Come and share your travel experiences at our Conversation Café (CC), an informal meeting of travelers each month at Books A Million, in the shopping center, northeast corner of 17-92 and 436. The CC is held at 7:30 PM the 4th Wednesday of each month. The next meeting will be Wed June 25th.

At our Conversation Cafe of Sep 24, Sri Rangaswamy will be presenting his photos and data regarding his native country, India.  Sri Rangaswamy, From India, is a Computer expert with extensive experience in the Oracle Program, and has worked extensively with the US Marine Corps.  Sri was the Florida Council Communications Secretary, then was elected President of the Council, and finally was a National Board <member.  He is currently a volunteer with Florida Friends of Hostelling (FFH).

This Books a Million store offers a 20% discount to our members.  Also, Books a Million graciously provided us travel books and gift cards as door prizes for our Conversation Café Meetings.

Please patronize Books a Million for your literature needs.

Thanks for your support for our successful first six years!

From Jim Coppens, Chairman, FFH
sent by Bob MacDonald, Communications Volunteer

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